High Definition

High Definition

  • MRTV -4 (HD)

    A free to air channel that provides entertainments, health, lifestyle, varieties of arts, international well-known TV series and news programs.

  • Channel 7 (HD)

    Targeting the young generation, Channel 7 provides games shows, singing contest, live music shows and world's famous TV series that audiences of all ages can enjoy. It also provides full HD quality.

  • 4 HD

    This channel provides full HD quality which is four times better than the ordinary one. The viewers can enjoy the blockbuster movies with Myanmar subtitles, entertainment programs, live shows, some programs providing variety of knowledge. 

  • 4 HD2

    It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic typesetting, remaining essentially unchanged. 

  • 4 Ladies (HD)

    For Lady is an entertainment channel targeted at the female audience which provides beauty tips, health, lifestyle and cooking shows, entertainment programs, fashion, game shows and Korean TV series. Viewers can enjoy full HD quality too. 

  • Animax (HD)

    Animax offers a variety of series from popular genres including action, romance, horror, supernatural, sci-fi, comedy and slice-of-life. It is home to some of the world's most popular anime titles and selected new series are simulcast with Japan.

  • AXN (HD)

    AXN is Asia’s leading general entertainment channel featuring top-rated drama series, blockbuster features, reality programs and hit-rated original productions. The channel appeals to audiences seeking content that is smart, intriguing and unexpected that’s all delivered close to the U.S telecasts..


  • FOX Movie Premium (HD)

    This channel broadcasts famous Hollywood movies, series, music shows, awarded documentaries, live broadcasting of ceremonies such as Oscar, Golden Globe, Movies Film Award. It provides full HD quality.

  • FOX Action Movie (HD)

    Fox Action Movies is an all day, every day action and entertainment channel. There is no better showcase of the most popular and most iconic action features from around the world.

  • StarWorld (HD)

    Star World provides famous TV series, comedies, reality shows, model Shows, fashion shows, cooking contests, film academy awards and music awards ceremonies.  

  • FOX Sports HD, FOX Sports 2HD, FOX Sports 3HD

         Fox Sport 1,2 and 3 HD Channels provides sport events such as soccer matches like Bundesliga, Tennis, Golf, Archer, Billiards, Motor bike racing, cycle race, skating. 

  • National Geographic Channel (HD)

    An international well-known channel features documentaries with factual contents such as Is it Real which provides some ghost stories with Myanmar subtitles for those who don't believe in ghost and all about world's tallest buildings.

  • NAT GEO Wild (HD)

    This channel focuses primarily on wildlife and natural history programs such as Tigerman which presents living together with tigers and shooting the nature of tigers. Every story is an adventure and audience's imagination is allowed to run wild.

  • NAT GEO People (HD)

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    Nat Geo Music HD Channel belongs to FOX Network Group and it broadcasts variety of music. It features Rock music same as Channel-V and special events concerning culture and music around the world. It provides full HD quality. 

  • tvN

    Channel M is the channel of choice for K-Pop in Asia. It dedicates more amount of coverage to K-Pop than any other broadcasters. Channel M has been at the forefront of spreading Korean culture throughout the world. Its coverage reaches all areas of entertainment services including music, drama, reality programs, entertainment, news and lifestyles.

  • Star Chinese Movies HD

    Star Chinese Movies is a 24-hour Cantonese and Mandarin movie channel which features Chinese films with Chinese stars including Jackie Chan, Chow Yun-Fat and Stephen Chow. Its programming features drama, news, lifestyle and talk shows in Mandarin.