4TV In-House Channel - T2

4TV In-House Channel

  • 4 Comedy

    This channel provides endless hours of fun and humor. It presents Myanmar comedy movies and series, joke shows, games, Anyeint etc.

  • 4 Kids

    This channel provides the famous TV series and animations with Myanmar subtitles which are suitable for both kids and parents.

  • 4 Drama

    This channel provides famous TV series produced in US, Europe and Asia with Myanmar subtitle. 

  • 4 Cinema

    This channel provides the latest and most famous foreign movies with Myanmar subtitles.

  • 4 Info

    A channel that broadcasts local and international news, weather reports, the programs about Information Technology, arts, weekly international news review, some fantastic stories around the world.

  • 4 Sports

    A channel that is dedicated to sports which also provides popular sports-related shows such as Sport Circle, Weekly Sports Diary, Sport View. It also presents the life of sport legends of Myanmar and their activities in the present time.

  • 4 Tunes

    A music channel that provides both local and international music including Myanmar oldies and classic songs, movie sound tracks, the young audience's favorite dancing programs and musicals. 

  • 4 Ladies

     For Lady is an entertainment channel targeted at the female audience which provides beauty tips, health, lifestyle and cooking shows, entertainment programs, fashion, game shows and Korean TV series. Viewers can enjoy full HD quality too. 

  • 4 Edu

    An edutainment channel that provides both fun and knowledgeable programs. It broadcasts cooking, housekeeping, arts, literature and information technology programs.

  • 4 HD

    This channel provides full HD quality which is four times better than the ordinary one. The viewers can enjoy the blockbuster movies with Myanmar subtitles, entertainment programs, live shows, some programs providing variety of knowledge. 

  • 4 HD2

    It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic typesetting, remaining essentially unchanged.